Ren didn’t expect to be thrown over a hundred years into the future for an exchange trip, but it’s apparently what he signed up for.

Project Nought is a brand new webcomic with futuristic elements, mystery, and romance! It will update every 2 weeks in batches.

This comic will contain violence and sexual references. Reader discretion is advised.


About the Artist

Chelsey Furedi is a queer female comic artist from New Zealand. Her previous comic work was Rock and Riot, which wrapped up in mid 2017. She currently works at a film production company in Auckland doing animation, and works on comics and streams in her spare time.



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get notifications for the comic?

For just comic updates, you can follow along on Tapas! Otherwise, I will always announce updates on my twitter and Tumblr. (links above)

When/Where is the comic set?

The comic is set in a futuristic version of Auckland, New Zealand. In the year of 2117, Auckland is the center of technological innovation and testing, and is home to the first uses of time travel.

Do you accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay or other fanworks? 

Of course! And I would love to see it! You can upload these things to Tumblr and tag the Project Nought blog!