I hope you’ve enjoyed the latest update! I’m actually off work for the next 3 weeks, so I’d appreciate any tips you have to spare my way! You can support me on Patreon and in return get access to all sorts of goodies I’ve put together such as early updates, concept art, illustration, and secret drawings of my characters kissing!

⋆ Instant Access now on sale! 

Impatient for more Project Nought, or just want to support me on Patreon? I just knocked $10 off the instant access tier! If you pledge to it, you’ll be able to see panels as soon as I’ve finished drawing them! (I’m currently 6 weeks ahead)
There are heaps of other rewards on other tiers as well, so feel free to just take a look! ❤

⋆ Launch! ⋆

Welcome to the launch of Project Nought! Give this website a bookmark and enjoy having a look around! Next update is on the 1st!

Project Nought will update every 2 weeks in batches. This is a schedule I’m starting out with, so it may change over time. If you’d like to get instant access to more panels, see cool behind the scenes stuff, get a cameo, or just support the comic for the sake of it, consider dropping a pledge on my Patreon! Thank you!

There are a lot more links around the new website, so have fun exploring!